2021 Seed Level Membership

A limited quantity of seeds from select parent trees with elevated blight resistance are available as part of our Seed Level Membership. These intermediate blight-resistant seeds represent more than 36 years of research and development and are harvested at our Meadowview Research Farms.  Minimum quantities are indicated below:

  • Chestnut Seed Level: 4 seeds
  • Bronze Seed Level: 6 seeds
  • Silver Seed Level: 12 seeds

Seed Level Members receive all member benefits, in addition to seeds.

Our Mission is to return the iconic American chestnut to its native range. Our Vision is a robust eastern forest restored to its splendor.

While most of our Seed Level Members live within the native range, some members west of the Mississippi would also like to receive our intermediate blight-resistant seeds. Our main concern of sending seed material west of the Mississippi has been the risk of spreading chestnut blight, Phytophthora, gall wasp, and other pests outside of the eastern forests.

In order to prevent the spread of these contagions, we will now treat all seeds shipped to members west of the Mississippi and in Michigan in a 10% bleach solution. This is a horticultural best practice to abide by sanitation requirements. This will not impact the quality or germination of your seeds.

TACF cannot ship to CA, OR, or WA due to those states’ Department of Agriculture restrictions on chestnut importation. Seeds will not be shipped out of the country. No exceptions.

We are grateful to all of our members for being part of this important and hopeful mission, ensuring that future generations will one day experience forests filled with healthy American chestnut trees.

If you prefer to mail your donation, click here to download a printable membership form to send in with your gift.

Orders MUST be placed by FEBRUARY 1, 2021 to receive seeds in March 2021. Orders received after February 1, 2021 will be placed on the 2022 distribution list.

Germplasm Agreement and Seed Order Form: All seed orders REQUIRE the completion of a Germplasm Agreement that must be signed by the landowner where the seeds are to be planted. If you are not the landowner, please print the form, and have the landowner sign and mail it to TACF at the address on the form.


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Supplies for seeds are limited. Should demand exceed seed inventory, those wishing to participate in this program will be placed at the top of next year's distribution list.

DISCLOSURE: There is no guarantee these chestnuts will have adequate resistance to the chestnut blight. Participating at this level of membership isn’t just about planting and growing trees, it supports TACF’s commitment to restore the American chestnut tree.  

TACF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our donation process is fully encrypted to ensure all personal and financial information is kept safe & secure.