The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) is committed to providing educational opportunities to our nation’s youth.  Younger generations have heard stories about the chestnut tree from their parents and grandparents. Some even live on “Chestnut Street,” but if asked about the relevance of the American chestnut tree, the vast majority would have no concept of the impact the loss of the tree had on our social and economic lives.

Kirby and Nicole, students of Poolesville High School Class of 2013, in Poolesville, MD wrote this children’s book as part of their senior project for the Global Ecology Science Program. They hope to inform young readers on the importance of the environment, specifically the restoration of the American chestnut.

Download the Book:

Learn about the Appalachian Trail MEGA-Transect Chestnut Project

The American Chestnut Learning Box

learning-box-sm-croppedThe American Chestnut Learning Box is currently being redeveloped. Check with us on the relaunch of the updated product. It is an educational tool developed by TACF volunteers that brings the story of the American chestnut to classrooms, nature centers, and civic groups in a tangible, thought-provoking way.

The Learning Box includes:

  • nuts, burs and leaves from American and Chinese chestnut trees
  • a chestnut “tree cookie” (tree ring slice)
  • five different types of wood blocks
  • chestnut tree sections showing inoculation sites and chestnut blight
  • binder with explanatory fact sheets for each sample and learning materials