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TreeSnap: A Fun Tool to Incorporate into Recreational Activities

David Kaufman-Moore and Thomas Lodwick (shown) at Elk Mountain Overlook MP 274 after three hours of TreeSnapping.

What were your Memorial Day weekend plans this year? Many of us likely participated in activities such as hiking, visiting friends and family, or spending time on the water, but what about going on a quest for American chestnut trees as part of that long weekend?

When I was asked about my plans for the holiday, I responded with a deep grin in an overly forced southern twang, “Findin’ ‘Merican chestnut!” I was met with some mighty odd looks. After sharing my CliffNotes ™ version of the American chestnut story to those who had asked about my plans, I then explained that I would be riding a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to document the presence of wild American chestnut along the way. This of course was met with more questions: “How will you document them?”, “What equipment do you use?”, “Wouldn’t it be easier to drive?” My answer was simple: “Do you have a smartphone?” It’s practically that easy! If you’re interested in helping research scientists by documenting the tree’s location, all you need is your phone, the TreeSnap app, and basic knowledge of how to ID an American chestnut tree. Though I came up a little short on my quest, they ARE out there. So the next time you decide to venture into the great outdoors, consider adding TreeSnap as part of your activity. Happy snapping and remember, don’t snap while driving, running, or cycling!

Information about how to ID American chestnut trees can be found here.
Learn more about how you can help by using the TreeSnap app.