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Tennessee Chapter Meeting at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

The Tennessee Chapter of TACF met March 11 at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, a winter wonderland of snow-covered tulip, hyacinth, and redbud blossoms.

Ed Schwartzman, Regional Science Coordinator, and Hill Craddock, UTC professor and chestnut grower extraordinaire, reported on the chapter science meeting that took place in February near Pittsburgh, PA. They also spoke about the recent seed orchard planting at Seven Islands State Birding Park and upcoming seed orchard planting at Kate’s Bluff Orchard near Knoxville.

TACF Board Chair, Michael Doochin, spoke on governance and progress in our efforts to restore the American chestnut to our neighborhoods and forests.

Three potentially blight resistant trees were presented to Cheekwood staff members, Taylor Guardino and Josh Pearcy on behalf of Ed Schwartzman, Vicki Turner, chapter president, and Hill Craddock (pictured below).

Tree Presentation