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Science Pub Event Involving TACF Generates a Great Turnout

TACF's director of science, Dr. Jared Westbrook, speaks about the American chestnut to a crowd of interested attendees.

In its fall lineup, The Asheville Museum of Science’s (AMOS) Science Pub series included a presentation by TACF’s director of science, Dr. Jared Westbrook. The series is a free monthly science event and is hosted at The Collider in Asheville. The Fall 2017 line-up included speakers from the National Centers for Environmental Information, TACF, University of North Carolina-Asheville, and the Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute. AMOS is Western North Carolina’s home for experiential science learning, discovery, and exploration. The museum strives to spark the imagination and foster lifelong curiosity.  Similarly, The Collider accelerates the development of climate solutions and is where science meets business. They are entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers informing critical business and civic decisions, with members from around the globe.

On October 20, Dr. Westbrook gave a talk on “Saving the American Chestnut: Introducing Disease Resistance to One of America’s Most Beloved Trees.” Staff handed out roasted chestnuts to the 91 attendees. Participants asked inquisitive questions following Westbrook’s talk such as, ‘How does the rot resistance of the American chestnut compare to that of locust?” CEO & president, Lisa Thomson is focusing efforts on broadening TACF’s publicity in Asheville, NC.  Through collaboration with other science-based nonprofits, nonprofits conserve limited resources and expand the reach of their missions. TACF was honored to be chosen by AMOS and The Collider as a partner in the Science Pub series.