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Restoring an American Giant in Pittsfield, MA

Seedlings growing at an orchard in MA in 2014.

TACF’s MA/RI Chapter is getting media attention for their work at the Robert J. Presutti Chestnut Orchard in Pittsfield, MA. The orchard, in Springside Park, was started in 2014 and occupies about 1.5 acres of meadowland in the park’s interior. It contains 3,000 American chestnut seedlings and is part a broader effort to develop a blight-resistant tree.

The park site is among nearly 30 chestnut orchards that the chapter oversees. It is also one of five “seed production orchards” in the chapter’s bi-state territory; these orchards represent the next generation of TACF’s long-term breeding and restoration plan. Read the full article at the Hill Country Observer newspaper.