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Chestnut Orchard Tour at Pryor Farm in Western North Carolina

Group that attended the Pryor Orchard tour. TOP ROW (l-r): John & Marci Spencer, Paul Muller, Peter Chaveas, Jon Taylor, Ben Jarrett, Scott Pryor, Doug Gillis, Don Surrette BOTTOM ROW (l-r): Judy Sutton, Debby Delmer, Lisa Thomson, Paul Sisco, James Singleton

Debby Delmer enjoys looking at a few chestnuts she discovered while on the tour.

On a crisp autumn day in apple country near Hendersonville, NC, a group of 15 hearty “chestnutters” met former TACF geneticist and stalwart volunteer Paul Sisco for a tour of the Pryor orchard.  Managed by Paul and the Carolinas Chapter since 2005, along with the owners Scott and Nancy Pryor, the orchard demonstrates the dedication required to see our breeding program to successful maturity.  Paul patiently walked the group through the different stages of hybrids and it was a joy to experience his infectious enthusiasm.  Joining Paul was regional science coordinator Ben Jarrett and President & CEO Lisa Thomson. “The Pryors and Paul, along with many Carolinas Chapter volunteers, were such an inspiration that day.  The tour culminated with Paul showing us his “trophy tree,” a gorgeous B3F3 specimen that Paul commented was worth all the years of hard work,” said Lisa.  Join us in giving thanks to these, and indeed all, orchard managers throughout the range of the American chestnut.