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Ceremonial Planting at TN Governor’s Residence

State Forester, Jere Jeter; First Lady, Crissy Haslam; and TN Urban Forestry Council Arboretum Coordinator, Jill Smith cut the ribbon at the ceremonial planting.

National Arbor Day, April 28, was celebrated in TN by certifying the Governor’s Residence as a level 2 arboretum by the TN Urban Forest Council. A level 2 arboretum requires 60 different species of trees, labeled with common name and scientific name and a map for a self-guided tours. Level 4 is the highest destination with 120 trees. There are 93 arboretums across the state. The Governor’s residence is the most recent.

First Lady Chrissie Haslam officiated. The celebration was culminated by planting a potentially blight resistant American chestnut as the final tree that made the Governor’s residence a level 2 arboretum.

Pictured is TN Chapter President Vicki Turner, First Lady Chrissie Haslam, and Forester Tim Phelps, who spoke about the demise and the comeback of the American Chestnut. Tim explained the once prevalence of the tree by saying a squirrel could travel from Maine to Georgia without leaving the branches of the Chestnut tree. The tree was provided by grower extraordinaire and TACF Board member, Dr. Hill Craddock, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.