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$200 Reward for the Largest American Chestnut Tree


TACF is offering a $200 reward for the largest American chestnut tree found in the trees native range in 2017. The tree should be healthy and the property owner must allow access to the tree for pollination and/or seed collection. To be eligible, the following three items should be submitted to TACF:

  1. a fully completed and official TACF Tree Locator Form;
  2. a suitable leaf and twig sample as per instructions on the form;
  3. at least three pictures of the tree with either the submitter of the form and/or the owner (others are also welcome in the picture!).
    a) You may submit electronically to  Be sure to include your name and contact information to match what you put on the Tree Locator Form;
    b) OR…submit physical photographs with the form and sample.

Click here to learn more about chestnut identification and how to collect and submit samples.