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Chestnut, The New Journal of TACF




The Journal

Volume XXVIII No.5 Sep-Oct 2014
Volume XXVIII No.4 Jul-Aug 2014
Volume XXVIII No.3 May-Jun 2014
Volume XXVIII No.2 Mar-Apr 2014
Volume XXVIII No.1 Jan-Feb 2014
Volume XXVII No.6 Nov-Dec 2013
Volume XXVII No.5 Sept-Oct 2013
Volume XXVII No.4 July-Aug 2013
Volume XXVII No.3 May-June 2013
Volume XXVII No.2 Mar-Apr 2013
Volume XXVII No.1 Jan-Feb 2013
Volume XXVI No.6 Nov-Dec 2012
Volume XXVI No.5 Sept-Oct 2012
Volume XXVI No.4 July-Aug 2012
Volume XXV1 No. 3 May-Jun 2012
Volume XXVI No. 2 Mar-April 2012
Volume XXVI No. 1 Jan-Feb 2012
Volume XXV No. 6 Nov-Dec 2011
Volume XXV No. 5 Sep-Oct 2011
Volume XXV No. 4 Jul-Aug 2011
Volume XXV No. 3 May-Jun 2011
Volume XXV No. 2 Mar-Apr 2011
Volume XXV No. 1 Jan-Feb 2011
Volume XXIV No. 4 November 2010
Volume XXIV No. 3 September 2010
Volume XXIV No. 2 July 2010
Volume XXIV No. 1 Winter 2010
Volume XXIII No. 1 Spring 2009
Volume XXII No. 2 Fall 2008
Volume XXII No.1 Spring 2008
Volume XXI No.2 Fall 2007
Volume XXI No.1 Spring 2007
Volume XX No.2 Fall 2006
Volume XX No.1 Spring 2006
Volume XIX No. 2 Fall 2005
Volume XIX No. 1 Spring 2005
Volume XVIII No. 2 Fall 2004
Volume XVIII No. 1 Spring 2004
Volume XVII No. 1 Fall 2003
Volume XVI No. 2 Spring 2003
Volume XVI No. 1 Fall 2002
Volume XV No. 2 Spring 2002
Volume XV No. 1 Fall 2001
Volume XIV No. 2 Winter 2000-2001
Volume XIV No. 1 Summer 2000
Volume XIII No. 2 Fall 1999
Volume XIII No. 1 Spring 1999
Volume XII No. 2 Fall 1998
Volume XII No. 1 Winter/Spring 1998
Volume XI No. 1 Summer 1997
Volume X No. 1 Summer/Fall 1996
Volume IX No. 2 Fall 1995
Volume IX No.1 Spring 1995
Volume VIII No. 2 Fall/Winter 1994
Volume VIII No. 1 Winter/Spring 1994
Volume VII No. 1 Fall/Winter 1992
Volume VI No. 2 Fall/Winter 1991
Volume V No. 1 Fall/Winter 1990
Volume IV No.1 Fall/Winter 1989
Volume III No. 1 February 1989
Volume II No. 1 December 1987
Volume I No. 2 August 1986
Volume I No. 1 July 1985

The Journal of TACF document file
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This link points to an Excel file that documents all of the articles written for the Journal of The American Chestnut Foundation. Many thanks to Timothy McKechnie for providing the original document which he posted to the TACF Listserv.

A translation by Chengguo Wang, commissioned in 1984 by Phillip Rutter and the late Dr. Charles Burnham.