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American Chestnut Seed Engraving

Sergey Jivetin creates elaborate engravings on the shells of seeds, including a series carved on American chestnut seeds depicting TACF’s American chestnut restoration efforts. On the first image below, the lower right-hand nut illustrates the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project’s insertion of the Oxalate Oxidase gene into the American chestnut genome. The second image is a larger representation of that nut. To see more of Sergey Jivetin’s work, check out his website, Furrow Seed Engraving Project.


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Find out how TACF-NY and The American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project are working to use biotechnology to save the American chestnut in this short video.


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Help Us Locate Wild American Chestnut Trees

The New York Chapter is searching for large surviving American chestnut trees in New York State to be “Mother trees” for restoration.

In an effort to introduce more wild American chestnut trees into the transgenic breeding program, the chapter is now offering a reward for American chestnut trees found growing in the wild. For more information, contact chapter president, Allen Nichols.

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Can a transgenic chestnut restore a forest icon?

Two deer-fenced plots here contain some of the world’s most highly regulated trees. Each summer researchers double-bag every flower the trees produce. One bag, made of breathable plastic, keeps them from spreading pollen. The second, an aluminum mesh screen added a few weeks later, prevents squirrels from stealing the spiky green fruits that emerge from […]

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Fulbright Scholar Picks ESF for Study of Genetic Engineering Technique

Patrícia Fernandes – a Fulbright scholar and Ph.D. student – came to ESF from her native Portugal to further her research on the European chestnut tree. Under the guidance of Professor William Powell, director of ESF’s American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project, she learned a genetic engineering technique with the potential to help ensure the […]

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