WSSC III – Seed Orchard


This is the first seed orchard planted in Maryland.

Our first planting was in 2012 – 67 BC3F2s from Thorpewood. We have made additional plantings each year and now have over 3000 trees planted. This orchard will produce the first Maryland B3F3 seed and trees.

Note: This year (2016) 2,700 additional seeds were planted. Thanks to all the volunteers from the University of Maryland, College Park; Montgomery College; and Prince Georges Community College.


Triadelphia Lake Rd., Sunshine, Montgomery Co.

As a starting point, find your way to Sunshine, which is at the intersection of MD 650 (New Hampshire Ave,) and MD 97 (Georgia Ave). From Sunshine, go 1/2 mile north to a right turn on Triadelphia Lake Rd. Proceed about a quarter mile to a gate immediatly past a residential driveway. Proceed about one third mile on a rutted dirt drive to the orchard.

Ron Kuipers:
Jim Benton: Washington Suburban Sanitary, Commission Watershed Manager
Mark Grzeszkiewicz: groundskeeper



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