WSSC I – Backcross Orchard


This was the first WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) orchard, a backcross breeding orchard.

This orchard was culled or rogued in 2015. Beginning in 2016 the remaining trees have pollinated each other, producing a large crop of BC4F2 nuts for planting in our seed orchards.

2717 Triadelphia Lake Rd., Sunshine, Montgomery Co.

As a starting point, find your way to Sunshine, which is at the intersection of MD 650 (New Hampshire Ave,) and MD 97 (Georgia Ave). From Sunshine, go 1/2 mile north to a right turn on Triadelphia Lake Rd.  Note: See the Google Map below.

Ron Kuipers:
Eddie Franceschi: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Watershed Manager
Mark Grzeszkiewicz:  groundskeeper


Here is a list of the remaining 13 BC4 chestnut trees:
Sugarloaf East 833 – (6 trees) – numbers – 32, 43, 117, 121, 220, 270
Peters 32A – (2 trees) – numbers – 6, 297
WREC 48A – (5 trees) – numbers – 147, 150, 200, 204, 208