Sugarloaf Mountain Orchards


The Maryland Chapter operates five orchards at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in cooperation with Stronghold, Inc., which owns the mountain. These orchards were started in 1970 with irradiated nuts. The orchards are described as: East Fields (3), West Field, and Turner Farm, and consist of backcross and research orchards.

Original East Field – Planted in 1970 with an estimated 1000 irradiated seeds. Most have succumbed to chestnut blight and phytophthora. Some of the remaining 27 trees have been used as mother trees in our breeding program.

West Field – Planted in 1971 with 600 second generation irradiated seeds. More than 100 of the original trees or their offspring survive and several have served as mother trees in our breeding program. For Directions click here.

Turner Farm – Planted in 2007 with 120 BC3 seeds (Peters 32A x Ch271). Few trees have survived phytophthora and deer damage.

East Field backcross orchard – Planted in 2007 with 161 BC3 seeds (Manahan 41 x AG247). Most trees have been killed by phytophthora or damaged by deer.

East Field Experimental orchard – Planted in 2007 by Dr. Dennis Fulbright of Michigan State University for research on hypovirulence. Deer and phytophthera are serious problems.

7901 Comus Road, Dickerson, Montgomery County

Steve Haggblade – steward
David Webster – Executive Secretary, Stronghold Inc.

Challenges: Deer, Phytophthora, gall wasps, vines.


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