Dickey Orchard

This orchard was founded in 2005 and culled in 2015.  Sixteen selected trees remain for seed production.

3960 Birdsville Rd., Davidsonville, Ann Arundel Co.

Take Route 50 East from the Washington Beltway. Take Exit 16 South (Route 424, Davidsonville Road) off of Route 50. Proceed for several miles until you reach a traffic light at the intersection with Route 214. Proceed across Route 214, at which point Davidsonville Road becomes Birdsville Road. Drive for 2.6 miles on Birdsville Road and take a right into their driveway at 3960.

Contact: Joe Dickey
(443) 203-0366

The final culling of this orchard was completed in 2015, and the following 16 trees in five lines remain for open pollination and seed production. These remaining trees were selected for blight resistance and American chestnut characteristics (tall and straight). Seed from these trees were planted in our seed orchard in 2015 and 2016.

Corrigans – Numbers 67, 79, 175, 194, 207, 320
State Gamelands – Number 106
SE 831 – Number 19
Peters 32A – Numbers 277, 400, 423
Prowell 35A – Numbers 165, 267, 382, 383, 426

Original planting below:



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