Policies & Presentations

MATACF Board Business Overview

It takes countless volunteer hours to run a non-profit organization, responding to requests, planning meetings, creating budgets, doing reports, and learning the science needed to achieve the regional adaptability program. The board has worked hard to develop chapter policies and procedures, and to keep the process open for participation from the membership. This work is essential to long-term growth of the organization — independent of its founding members. We want to develop a healthy organization as well as healthy trees, so that our work will flourish over generations.

Below you will find these kinds of documents, including Minutes, Strategic Plan, and Policies and Procedures. We hope you will enjoy learning some of the nitty-gritty of the hard work behind our mission.





Board Meetings are open to all TACF-MA members, and we generally get a full complement of people to share ideas. We start on time and end on time, and the food is great. Join us for a meeting and learn more about who is working on what projects!