American Chestnuts planted at the Chestnut Oak Baptist Church In Grayson, GA

Jet Toney, a member of the Chestnut Oak Baptist Church in Grayson, GA, wanted to replant the area along Rosebud Road where oak trees had once lived.  In September, 2018 he contacted GA-TACF board member Lynne Womack, who works for the Georgia Forestry Commission, and Lynne in turn put Jet in touch with board member Dale Higdon, who lives near Grayson. Dale met with Jet in September at the church to survey the site, then contacted Martin Cipollini, the Georgia chapter science coordinator, to get American chestnut trees to plant at the church.

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Dale, Jet, and Jet’s son Brett planted 4 offspring from a Berry F-1 tree in the area that formerly housed the oak trees.  The soil was soft and the planting holes were easy to dig, which is always nice to experience!  They added blue tubes and cages the day of the planting, and Jet and Brett will place additional mulch around the plantings and secure the cages with landscape brick to prevent them from blowing over.

Jet and the congregation are very appreciative of the seedling donation as well as Dale’s contribution of time and planting expertise. Dale gave Jet the seedling genetic information provided by Martin along with a chestnut brochure to share with interested church members.   Dale will make “seedling check-ups” at the church later in the spring, and will stay in contact with Jet.  Jet and other church members will monitor and water the chestnut seedlings, which so aptly live at the Chestnut Oak Baptist Church now!