Year End Appeal

I would like to appeal to residents of CT to support two specific on-going orchard projects. This should be of interest to Landowners and Foresters, or really anyone who supports return to the forest a tree of such ecological significance as the American chestnut. If this is you, please help us raise the funding required to complete two research orchards by purchasing the required deer exclosure fencing for this spring.

The Northern CT Land Trust (NCLT) is in the process of laying out the orchard to grow nuts pollinated at the Stafford tree this year. Over the past few months CT-TACF and NCLT have done significant work to the site to test and prepare it for planting next spring. To complete the preparations requires deer exclosure fencing. We are funding the fencing with a grant received from the Norcross Foundation and additional capital funds raised by the CT Chapter of TACF and NCLT. The funding pays exclusively for the fencing materials, with labor being provided by NCLT and CT-TACF volunteers. We are $2000 short of the total funds required to complete this project.

The second site is located near the Yale Camp at Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk/Canaan Connecticut. In coordination with Yale and Great Mountain Forest Corporation, we're planning a 3/4 acre orchard site which has already been partially cleared, and would be prepard over the winter to accomodate up to 150 trees next spring. This project has approval of the boards of both Great Mountain Forest Corporation, and the CT-TACF. Our success in breaking ground on the orchard this spring is dependent on getting funding for the fencing, a $5000 committment.

A year end contribution would help support the program by completing the orchard fence, and would be tax-deductable by the donor, to the extent allowed by law. The CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (eid: 06-1360461) is classified as a Public Charity 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our IRS letter of final determination is available on-line.

Contact Chapter President Bill Adamsen at 917/796-4284 for additional information.

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