Proposed Amendment to the ByLaws

Four members in good standing of the CT Chapter TACF have submitted a proposal for amending the Chapter ByLaws (link below). Those members include the three members of the Nominating Committee (Baker, Adamsen, Harris), plus the Chapter Treasurer (Jim Gage).  The ByLaws require that a proposed change be requested in writing – to the Secretary – by three members in good standing.

The proposed amendment would allow a position of President Emeritus.  Rather than republish the Bylaws (thoughtfully developed with Technical Revisions by the Late Dr. Robert Gregg in November 2009) we have suggested amending two sections of the ByLaws in the proposed amendment.

This proposed amendment will be adopted if two-thirds of the members present at the Annual Meeting vote in its favor.  I request that you familiarize yourself with this proposed amendment and reach out to me with any questions in advance of the meeting, so that you can feel comfortable supporting the proposal.

Thank you!  – Bill Adamsen / Board Member

For Reference – Current ByLaws /uploads/2016/08/Bylaws_CTTACF _2009-1.pdf?x86657

Publication of the Nominating Committee Report (Announcement) and-updates/nominating- committee-report-2018/

Publication of the Proposed Amendment (Announcement) and-updates/proposed- amendment-to-the-bylaws/ ‎

Draft of the Proposed Amendment content/uploads/2018/04/ BYLAWS_Amendment_Adamsen_ 14Mar2018.pdf