Chestnut Hike at Naugatuck State Forest

June 23 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Come for an educational walk at Naugatuck State Forest to look for flowering native American Chestnut trees.  TACF is attempting to increase our search for native American chestnut trees for several upcoming projects including establishment of Germplasm Conservation Orchards, testing native chestnut genetic diversity and for collecting pollen to establishing transgenic resistant American Chestnut lines. This walk will show attendees how to identify native American Chestnut trees and we will take a walk on some of the West Block trails looking to discover more flowering native trees to add to our database and use in the future projects.  We will meet at the parking area at the end of Hunter’s Mountain Rd. in Naugatuck. From Rt. 8 take exit 26 for Rt. 63.  Head west on Rt. 63 (From Rt. 8 Southbound take a right, from Northbound take a left) and while crossing  the bridge get in the left lane.  Take the second left onto Scott St. At the top of a short hill take the first left onto Lewis St. (Caution: do not turn onto the hairpin turn onto Gorman).  Go straight on Lewis and it eventually turns into Hunters Mountain Rd.  Follow Hunter’s Mountain Rd until it ends (Caution: be careful on this road as there are several sharp hairpin turns going up the mountain).  There is a large parking area at the end as well as a smaller on on the left just before it ends.