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TACF in the News: 2015

10/26/2015 Bay Journal: Back-cross American chestnut project raising hopes for tree's restoration

10/26/2015 Bay Journal: American chestnuts rise where other trees failed to make a stand

10/16/2015 The Bristol Herald Courier: 6th Annual Chestnut Restoration Celebration held at Meadowview

10/12/2015 The DPost.com: Rowlesburg hosts Chestnut Festival

10/11/2015 The Buffalo News: Will Elliot's Outdoors: Rescuing the American chestnut

10/02/2015 Littleton.Wickedlocal.com: American chestnuts: From blight to restoration

10/01/2015 The Courier-Tribune: Fred Clodfelter and family honored for preserving local forests in the future

9/21/2015 The Capital Gazette: American chestnut restoration has strong roots in Anne Arundel

9/15/2015 Times-Mail.com: Everbody's Talkin' Chestnuts on an open tour

9/13/2015 NorthJersey.com: West Milford 4-H club eyes chestnut's return

8/29/2015 USDA Blog: Restoring Appalachian Soils to Restore the Forests

8/07/2015 TheDailyStar.com: Rebuilding our forests

8/07/2015 Telegram.com: Westboro chestnut trees now part of forest revival

8/06/2015 TimesDaily.com: UNA partners with chestnut tree foundation

8/05/2015 The Clemson Newsstand: Scientists from around the world team with Clemson to restore American chestnut trees

8/02/2015 Midland Daily News: Chuck Martin: Chestnuts are botanists' fallen heros

7/27/2015 Bristol Herald Courier: Couple helping to restore the Chestnut tree

7/19/2015 Sioux City Journal: Keyboardist Chuck Leavell discusses life as tree farmer, ecologist

7/12/2015 The Columbus Dispatch: Outdoors: American chestnut on comeback trail

7/12/2015 La Crosse Tribune: Scientists treat rare chestnut trees for blight

7/09/2015 Citizenstandard.com: Run-off reduced on reclaimed mine land

6/23/2015 BCTV.org: Celebrating a Steep Conservation Challenge

6/12/2015 Tauton Daily Gazette: Over 100 American chestnut trees in Dighton

6/07/2015 Lancaster Online: Chestnut Grove Natural Area is county's newest, most unique nature spot

5/28/2015 NorthJersey.com: Wallisch Homestead buzzing this spring in West Milford

5/26/2015 Seacoastonline.com: New England tradition takes root

5/09/2015 NorthJersey.com: West Milford 4-H Velveteens work to get organic seeds to Zimbabwe orphanage

5/07/2015 Southern Maryland Newspaper Online: Grant helps Calvert groups combine forces to bring back chestnut tree

5/02/2015 The Mountain Press: Arborist speaks during ceremony for Tree City USA

5/01/2015 Worcester Magazine: Greenhill gets some new chestnut trees

4/29/2015 Telegram.com: Chestnut's comeback reaches Worcester

4/20/2015 The Roanoke Times: Catawba Sustainability Center seeks to nurture budding farmers

4/20/2015 The Daily Progress: Montpelier to hold ceremonial planting of chestnut seedling

4/17/2015 The Roanoke Times: Historic Smithfield will celebrate Earth Day with American Chestnut Tree planting

3/24/2015 National Parks Traveler: Reforestation Continuing at Flight 93 National Memorial

3/18/2015 The Richmond Register: EKU part of chestnut revival effort

3/01/2015 The Mountain Xpress: Long-term growth: Lisa Thomson and The American Chestnut Foundation

2/19/2015 The Key Reporter: The Rebirth of an American Giant

2/10/2015 Thurston Talk: Historic American Chestnut Trees Acknowledged with Special Monument

TACF in the News: 2014

8/1/14 Smoky Mountain Living - Aug/Sept: Working Toward a Chestnut Comeback

7/26/14 Burlington Free Press: Berlin Chestnut Stand may Hold Key to Restoration

7/20/14 The Hartford Courant: Orchard Effort Aims to Restore Chestnut

6/24/14 USDA Blog: For American Chestnut Trees, People Help in the Art of Pollination

6/23/14 The Nashua Telegraph: Resurrecting the Chestnut Tree Requires Patience, Effort, Wisdom and the Right
Amount of Ignorance

6/6/14 OnEarth Magazine: Fighting the Blight with Might

6/3/14 Bennington Banner: Middle school dedicates its new American chestnut nursery

5/30/14 PRI Living on Earth: Saving Chestnut Trees to Reclaim Mined Mountains

5/13/14 NJ.com:Somerset County Park Commission helps rescue American Chestnut

4/20/14 Register-Herald Beckly, WV: Scouts and Scientists Plant American Chestnuts at Summit

4/18/14 WYMT TV Mountain News: Groups Planted Trees on Bell County Reclaimed Surface Mine Site

4/10/14 Burlington Free Press: American Chestnut Trees Are Having a Comeback

4/4/14 The Allegheny Front: Coal to Chestnuts - Innovative Reclamation

3/5/14 Newsleader.com: American Chestnuts Still in Virginia's Forests, but Smaller

3/1/14 The Tennessee Conservationist: The Return of the American Chestnut

1/1/14 South Carolina Wildlife Magazine: The once and future perfect tree"

1/1/14 TN Electric Corp Association Magazine: "King of the Forest"

TACF in the News: 2013

12/30/13 New Jersey Herald: "Efforts to restore American chestnut to its former glory continue"

12/19/13 USDA Southern Research Station blog: "The Emerging Chromosomes of the American and Chinese Chestnuts"

11/18/13 Black Sheep Journal: "Returning the American Chestnut to the Landscape"

11/4/13 Organic Gardening: "Restoring a Fallen Native"

10/29/13 LimaOhio.com: "The Langes are spreading chestnut trees, reforestation"

10/25/13 BlueRidgeNow.com: "Students help plant American chestnuts"

9/15/13 The Roanoke Times: "Imagine a new forest canopy of mighty giants"

9/13/13 Charlotte Observer: "Teen scientist hits lab to save chestnuts"

9/12/13 The Clarion News: "Chestnut experiment aims to revive tree"

8/12/13 Der Spiegel: "Die Rettung der Maronen/The Rescue of Chestnuts"

7/21/13 Fosters.com: "Farmington Chestnut Tree May Have Saved Species"

6/4/13 CentreDaily: "Restoring a piece of the past: Volunteers aid effort at Penn State to bring back American chestnut tree"

5/30/13 Camden Herald: "Breeding program aims to restore a classic American tree"

5/8/13 Bangor Daily News: "Portland gets back to its historical roots by planting scientifically-enhanced American chestnuts"

4/21/13 TribLIVE: "Volunteers plant ‘living memory’ trees at
Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County"

4/16/13 Capital Gazette: Prisoners behind bars in Jessup see a future in trees

3/11/13 National Geographic: The Loom "Resurrecting a Forest"

2/13/13 CharlotteObserver.com "Dolly Parton's Ode to the American Chestnut"

1/29/13 Fauquier Now "Chestnut Restoration Effort Has Roots in Fauquier"

TACF in the News: 2012

12/9/12 Minnesota Public Radio News "Blighted Icon: Volunteers Aim to Revive American Chestnut"

11/21/12 Burlington Free Press "American Chestnut in Maine Tops out at 95 Feet"

10/19/12 USA Today "Science Brings Chestnut Back From Brink"

10/16/12 New Hampshire Public Radio "Harvesting Chestnut in the Granite State"

10/12/12 Asheville Citizen-Times "Chestnut Trees Return to WNC"

10/4/2012 Nature "The Chestnut Resurrection"

9/1/2012 Our State "Lord of the Forest"

8/20/12 The Wall Street Journal "Hopes for Chestnut Revival Growing"

6/8/12 Times Free Press "For love of a tree"

5/7/12 MetroWest Daily News "Saving the American chestnut tree"

5/2/12 TribLive Pittsburgh "American chestnut trees added to Sewickley Heights Park"

4/27/12 Philly.com "Trees, trees - new plantings everywhere"

3/16/12 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Chestnut trees that once dominated the region are being given a second chance"

4/10/12 New York Times "Coaxing American Chestnuts Back to Appalachia"

1/27/12 Penn State Live "Effort to establish bright-free American chestnut tree switches gears"

1/12/12 Fluvanna Review "Reviving the sleeping giants"

TACF in the News: 2011


12/31/11 Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel "Chestnut trees may get a dose of good health"

12/3/11 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Can the American chestnut tree be revived?"


11/28/11 American Profile "Rebirth of the American Chestnut Tree"

11/23/11 New York Times "Chestnuts Worthy of Song"

11/19/11 Foster's Daily Democrat "Pinning hopes on American chestnuts: Cross-pollinated seedlings from Farmington tree growing in effort to reintroduce majestic giant"

11/16/11 Asheville Citizen-Times "Tree planting near Asheville part of hope for American chestnut"


10/25/11 Eagle Tribune "Vandals target near-extinct tree"

10/17/11 Charlotte Observer "New hope for a vanished giant"


9/10/11 Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association "American Chestnuts Populating MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center"


7/9/11 Anderson Independent Mail "Reviving the chestnut: Retired Seneca doctor works to restore majestic trees"

7/3/11 Portland Press Herald "Maine Gardener: Efforts to bring back the great American chestnut raise hopes"


6/21/11 Worcester Telegram "Tree-huggers work diligently to save chestnut"

6/2/11 Bangor Daily News "Groups promote American chestnut growth"

6/1/11 Maryland's Gazette.net "Kensington's constant gardener keeps watch over American legacy"


5/5/11 The Charleston Gazette "New strain of blight-resistant chestnuts take root"


4/27/11 Times Beacon Record "Repopulating the American chestnut tree"

4/16/11 LA Times "New hope for the old chestnut"


3/28/11 PR Newswire "Next South Mountain Lecture to Focus on American Chestnut Restoration"

3/25/11 The L Magazine "Re-Introducing a Near Extinct Species to Prospect Park"

3/24/11 WNYC "A Chestnut Tree Grows Again in Brooklyn"

3/24/11 New York Daily News "Brooklyn man fights for chestnut return, tree decimated by disease in early 20th century"

3/24/11 Park Slope Patch "Chestnuts on the Rebound at Prospect Park"

3/23/11 New York Times "Returning Chestnut Trees to City Where Blight Was First Found"

3/23/11 McClatchy "Georgia farm works to re-establish the American chestnut Tree"

3/21/11 Asheville Citizen Times "Rolling Stone Keyboardist Plants Chestnut Trees from Asheville-based Foundation"


1/14/2011 York Dispatch "York County Man Monitors Local Forests for Chestnut Tree Society"

1/25/2011 Telegram.com "Planting a Comeback"


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